Binder Clip Hacks That Will Scramble Your Brain

This is Dan from Office Essentials back again with my latest office supplies hack. This time I’m showing you a few less common uses for binder clips that can you can use to hack your office life. When it comes to DIY office supplies projects and life hacks, the binder clip is in the hall of fame because it’s such a versatile device that can be used for so many different things. I’ve put together this video to show you a few of my favorite binder clip tricks.

If you missed my last Office Hack episode, check it out. I showed you how to get permanent marker off of a dry erase board.

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Dan Suchanek
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Dan is a typical dude who enjoys family time, board games and leveling up his Lore Bard.  Proud fan of the Blues, Liverpool, Billikens, Cardinals, St. Louis FC and any other team my nephews or nieces play for. Email Dan anytime.

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