Andrew Corns and Deanna Price

Sports Take Lunch Break Episode 14: Deanna Price, Olympic Athlete & World Champion

Deanna Price is an elite Olympic athlete with a list of accomplishments a mile long, but her personality, spirit, humility and overall joy make her a role model for young boys and girls across the planet. She is also the embodiment of our principles at OE to support the communities we live in as well as to continually strive for excellence in our work. So we wanted to learn more about her. Please take a listen to our interview with Deanna. [Read More]

Liverpool CL Line 26
Work Happier

My Liverpool Obsession

Why Liverpool? Liverpool Football Club is something very special to me. I have loved the club for more than half of my life (I’m 33) and each year the bond gets stronger. Why Liverpool? What’s so great about a team in a city tucked away in Northwest England? That’s a wonderful question and one I’m [Read More]