The 15 Best Office Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Your Workplace

Office Plants Can Significantly Enhance the Air Quality at Your Workplace

Trees release oxygen into the air while absorbing carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, most offices don’t accommodate large trees in their buildings. However, plants are a perfect substitute for trees and provide additional health benefits that help boost productivity!

According to an article on, office plants can help sharpen focus while improving overall office health. In fact, 87% of toxins can be removed by having a plant in the office for one day! But before heading to the nearest nursery, assess the area around your work space for the perfect plant. Be sure to take in account the amount of light your space receives from overhead lights or windows, the space available, and the amount of time you’ll want to spend caring for the plant.

For more interesting facts and suggestions on 15 different indoor plants for your office, check out the graphic below provided by



Good luck with your office plants!